Travis Sullivan’s Björkestra: I Go Humble (Zoho Music)

I Go Humble

The Björkestra has performed my arrangements of the music of Icelandic singer Björk since 2004. Why Björk? Her uncompromising, visionary and bold work has made her of one of the most important musical artists in recent memory. Björk writes great music full of unusual, complex melodies, and distinctive harmonies and grooves, which all lend themselves to an improvised jazz context. It is music that touches upon something so universal and fundamental to our human experience that it defies genre. Recorded live at The Jazz Standard, New York. Travis Sullivan

1. Hyperballad Björk 7:49
2. Venus as a Boy Björk 8:18
3. Hunter Björk 9:16
4. I Go Humble Björk, M. Bell 7:56
5. Isobel Björk, Hooper, Sigurdsson, Van Wyk 8:52
6. Army of Me Björk, G. Massey 8:56
7. Unravel Björk, G. Sigsworth 5:12
8. Joga Björk, S.Sigurdsson 6:12

The Björkestra:
Travis Sullivan: alto saxophone, arranger & conductor; Becca Stevens: vocals; Ian Cook: laptop programming; Sean Nowell: tenor saxophone; Lauren Sevian: baritone saxophone; Ryan Keberle: trombone; Alan Ferber: trombone; Kevin Bryan: trumpet; Eli Asher: trumpet; Kelly Pratt: trumpet; Art Hirahara: piano; Yoshi Waki: bass; Joe Abbatantuono: drums Срочно нужны деньги суши и лапша

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