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Next Week: The Bjorkestra Bay Area Edition

It has been an incredible 9 months out here in the Bay Area, and I’m proud to say the Bjorkestra is having a baby! The Bjorkestra Bay Area Edition (aka Spawn of Bjorkestra) will be having it’s debut at Doc’s Lab in San Francisco on Tuesday June 16th, 9pm.  Here’s the band:  Kimiko Joy, vocals; Travis Sullivan, alto saxophone; Doug Rowan, tenor saxophone; Fil Lorenz, baritone saxophone; Niel Levonius, trumpet; Mike Olmos, trumpet; Rob Ewing, trombone; Adam Theis, trombone; Ken Husbands, electric guitar; Hans Glawischnig, bass; Jeff Marrs, drums.  Old and new friends, East and West Coasts coming together to celebrate Bjork’s genius and music!!!  I can’t wait.

You can purchase tickets online  Purchase Tickets for Bjorkestra at Doc’s Lab!

Join in on the fun on Bjorkestra Facebook Event Page for this show!


Reflections on Biophilia

Hello and welcome to the new Bjorkestra Blog! This is Travis Sullivan, the leader of the Bjorkestra and resident Bjorkophile.

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t get Bjork’s latest album Biophilia until two days ago.  I think this had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn’t so crazy about Volta.  Her albums prior to Volta (including Medulla) had songs that I was able to wrap my head around as, well, songs.  Although I did manage to create an arrangement of “Pneumonia” from Volta, I felt that Bjork’s music had gone in a direction that I couldn’t work with as an arranger.

After listening to Biophilia a couple of times, I have to say I really like it.  For the first time in several years I’m inspired by Bjork’s new music! I particularly like “Cosmogeny” and “Crystalline,” and I’m thinking that these tunes will work well with the Bjorkestra.  I can’t wait to start writing another Bjork arrangement…it’s been too long. быстрые займы в новосибирске

Treat Social Club performs "Pluto" by Bjork

Late last year Bjorkestra bandleader Travis Sullivan performed with the Realistic Orchestra in a San Franscisco multimedia event called Treat Social Club.  They performed Sullivan’s arrangement of Bjork’s “Pluto.” This video includes Kimiko Joy on vocals, and trombonist Adam Theis with members of the Realistic Orchestra.  Jason Gillenwater, tenor saxophone solo.

Here the vid.  Enjoy!



Next Bjorkestra Show Announced: March 31 @ Joe's Pub

  • Tue

    The Bjorkestra at Joe's Pub!


    Joe's Pub @ the Public Theatre

    125 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10003

    The Bjorkestra returns to Joe’s Pub with a number of new Bjork arrangements by Travis Sullivan, focusing on her more recent work and featuring amazing cast of musicians.  Opening the evening is the singer/songwriter Sheron

    Click here to purchase tickets online. $15 in advance/$20 day of show

    The Bjorkestra: Travis Sullivan, arranging/alto saxophone; Shayna Steele, vocals; Sean Nowell, tenor saxophone; Lauren Sevian, baritone saxophone; Alan Ferber, trombone; Jeff Fairbanks, trombone; Kevin Bryan, trumpet; Eli Asher, trumpet; Art Hirahara, piano; Yoshi Waki, bass; Joe Abba, drums.  



The Bjorkestra moves to the Bay Area!

It’s been, yet again, another long period of blog inactivity for the Bjorkestra.  And for that matter, gig inactivity.  There are some new things in the works, especially since I recently relocated to the Bay Area.  I hope to have more interesting news soon!!!

In the meantime, enjoy this, your “Daily Bjork” if you will:

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New York, NY – 04/22/14 – SubCultureпроспект мира ресторан

New York, NY – \"I Go Humble\" CD Release Party – 10/15/13 – Jazz Standard

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The first review of “I Go Humble,” from Midwest Record! Very nice…

TRAVIS SULLIVAN’S BJORKESTRA/I Go Humble: Even ring leader Sullivan can’t explain why he was attracted Bjork’s music but he’s kept this project going for a decade and he knows how to find the left leaning jazz lurking in Bjork’s tunes. Certainly one of the most important ambassador’s for bringing Bjork’s music to people that think they don’t like it, this live date has got a heavy duty 70s progressive jazz edge to it and both the musicians and audience respond well. Like pomo bebop, this set veers in all directions and somehow finds it’s way back to where it should be. And it’s big band style as well. It’s a nice place to take a chance for listeners that like to take a chance.


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New Bjorkestra CD "I Go Humble" is Now Available!

At long last, The Bjorkestra’s second CD “I Go Humble” is now available. Click here to visit the new Bjorkestra online store and purchase your copy!

A little about this new album – it was recorded live in 2009 at the Jazz Standard in NYC, and features the 12 piece band with the incomparable Becca Stevens on vocals.  This album really captures the energy of the band at a live show, and the performances from everyone are absolutely top notch.  I’m excited to share this music with the world in all of it’s glorious Bjorkitude!

Also…SAVE THE DATE: October 15th we’ll be doing the CD Release Party at the Jazz Standard!


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New York, NY – The Blue Note Jazz Festival – 06/09/13 – The Highline Ballroom

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